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Subject Topic Guidelines for New Threads
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I don't want Moderators to have to micro-manage the website's content, so please be aware of the following. Again, this is mostly for new users. Our current members already know this.

When creating a new thread, please use a meaningful 'Subject' in the title of the new thread that tells people specifically what you're posting about. This will help people, including you, to find your topic later in searches and will bring more outside traffic to your post from Internet searches via Google, Bing, etc.

Topics like "Please Help me?" or "Totally Confused" are useless and will be changed by a Moderator. Topics like "Need help with Nvidia Graphics Card" or "Unable to Open a Zip file" are acceptable because it tells people what your thread is about and will generate more views by people who may help you. The more detailed the Subject, the more reads you'll get.

When I was working for the SRCDS Forum and helping people with game server problems, I got tired if reading through 100's of posts each day that said nothing as to what they were about because the people posting them had no clue how to ask for help. Eventually I told everyone I would not respond to Threads that people started that didn't explain their problem. People caught on pretty quickly because literally no one even opened their thread if it had a useless Subject line.

MODERATORS: If you see a subject that is inappropriate, please politely change the subject to a good one and post an "edit note" at the bottom of the original post explaining the problem so the user is aware.

Example edit note: "Edit: changed subject to better describe issue - Mav"