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Summary of in-game commands for BOOM! TF2 Servers

Started by Lt. Maverick, October 29, 2016, 11:08:52 PM

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Lt. Maverick

Below is a list of commands used for features of our server plugins:

motd (Message of the day) - Display the server's message of the day and rules
!pc [item] - Check the price of an item
!bp or !bp [player] - Display another player's backpack
!tp - Change to third-person view mode
!fp - Return to first-person view mode
!radio - Activate in-game Sourcetunes Radio
!radiooff - Deactivate in-game Sourcetunes Radio
rtd (Roll the Dice) - Take a chance on getting a cool effect or getting something bad that hurts you
!kson - Active the killstreak effect on your weapons
!ksoff - Deactivate the killstreak effect of your weapon
/t message - Send a chat message via trade chat. The text is a different color than normal chat so it stands out
!robot - Toggle an MvM robot skin for your player

gameME in-game Chat commands

rank - [skill, points, place (to all)]      Current Position
kpd - [kdratio, kdeath (to all)]            Total Player Statistics
session - [session_data (to all)]         Current Session Statistics
top10 - [top5, top20]                         Top Players in the ranking
next -                                                 Players ahead in the ranking

Note: All gameMe chat commands are available with the command prefixes "/" or "!" too. For example, the commands "!rank" or "/statsme" are valid as well.
If the gameME Stats monitored gameserver uses the gameME Plugin an ingame menu can be opened while typing "gameme" or "gameme_menu" in the chat area to access all gameME Stats commands easily.
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