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The Sad Reality of TF2 Community Servers Dying - 5/21/21

Started by Lt. Maverick, May 21, 2021, 08:52:42 PM

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Lt. Maverick

Jumped on top see what was happening with my good old favorite game TF2 tonight. There are currently 1353 community servers online, down from nearly 28,000 when I shut down the BOOM! servers a year and a half ago.

Of those 1353 servers, 68 servers had real players in them and only 30 of them had over 20 players.

It's sad to see, but with Valve's departure from catering to communities that always supported them in exchange hosting their own servers, it was inevitable that TF2 community servers would take their place in gaming history (sooner thanks to Valve's utter betrayal to community owners) as so many of the games I played over the past 30 years have. But seeing the TF2 community fade leaves me particularly raw after the MANY years of fun and the great relationships it brought my way. Because of the hectic life I live coupled with the astronomical number of Internet trolls and cheaters who have ruined so many great games, I rarely, if ever, play games anymore. I hope someday another great game comes along that brings back the community feeling I enjoyed playing CSS and TF2, but it will take a rededication to community owners by gaming companies and real anti protection with still punishments in order for this to happen.

I'm glad to see people still play the game, but it's just not the same playing with total strangers through the TF2 match-making system. You never really get to know someone and sadly, the number hackers and trolls is worse than ever.

Miss you all,
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