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Announcements / BOOM! Gaming Website Closing on 4/1/24
February 29, 2024, 06:33:35 PM
Hello Everyone,

This announcement is to notify you all that this 20-year-old BOOM Gaming website ( will be shutting down on 4/1/24. This is almost 20 years to the date of it's creation. 1000s of members have communicated to us through the site over the years but the time has come to close it. This decision is painful for me because it's like closing a chapter of my life, but I think 20 years is a pretty solid run for us.

I will keep the BOOM! Gaming Community Steam Group and Discord open for now so we can still reach out to each other. They cost nothing to leave in place. The info for those services can be found on the homepage here if you aren't already signed up on them.

Thank you for an amazing 2o years of fun, laughs and total enjoyment. I hope you are all doing well and enjoying all that life has to offer.

Very Warmest Regards.
Mike "Lt. Maverick" Vail
Stevensville, Montana USA

Pretty cool story about a NASA venture and tribute to the victims of the Paradise Fire, including p00k4kk3 (Andrew Burt):

Live life to its fullest everyone. Only God knows when it's our time.

Rest in peace P00k and all the victims of the CA Paradise Fire of 2018.

Lt. Maverick
Great to hear from you Killen! Still in Canada my friend? How ,many kids are you up to now?

Take care!
It was 3 years ago, but only recently did I learn that former BOOM! Minecraft Server Admin 36-year-old Andrew <a href=";area=summary;u=62" [b]p00k4kk3[/b]</a> Burt passed away back in 2018 during one of the most devastating wildfires in CA history known as the "Camp" Fire. The fire leveled the entire town of Paradise, CA near Chico and killed 86 people. It is believed p00k4kk3 tried to rescue his elderly stepfather during the fire but both were killed because they were unable to escape the flames that trapped them on the only road in and out of the area.

p00k4kk3 was a good Admin and was heavily involved in moderating the player behavior in our very popular Minecraft server. I'm deeply saddened to hear of his death and wanted you all to know.

From a KRCR News Report:

"An online remembrance of Andrew Burt reads he "spent his final moments trying to rescue his stepfather Ernest Foss Jr. from the oncoming flames of the Camp Fire before both succumbed. But his devotion to those he loved long preceded that final heroic act."

From a KTVU News Story

Rest in Peace p00k4kk3. Thank you for your service to BOOM! Gaming and for your selfless sacrifice to save others.

Mike Vail
Lt. Maverick
Greetings Friends.

Today I removed the ability for visitors to use their Steam Account info to logon to the BOOM! website. Please use your username and password to login from now on. If you don't remember that info, use the forgot password feature to recover it using your email address. If you need help getting logged in, you can send an email to the below address for help:

Take care,
Jumped on top see what was happening with my good old favorite game TF2 tonight. There are currently 1353 community servers online, down from nearly 28,000 when I shut down the BOOM! servers a year and a half ago.

Of those 1353 servers, 68 servers had real players in them and only 30 of them had over 20 players.

It's sad to see, but with Valve's departure from catering to communities that always supported them in exchange hosting their own servers, it was inevitable that TF2 community servers would take their place in gaming history (sooner thanks to Valve's utter betrayal to community owners) as so many of the games I played over the past 30 years have. But seeing the TF2 community fade leaves me particularly raw after the MANY years of fun and the great relationships it brought my way. Because of the hectic life I live coupled with the astronomical number of Internet trolls and cheaters who have ruined so many great games, I rarely, if ever, play games anymore. I hope someday another great game comes along that brings back the community feeling I enjoyed playing CSS and TF2, but it will take a rededication to community owners by gaming companies and real anti protection with still punishments in order for this to happen.

I'm glad to see people still play the game, but it's just not the same playing with total strangers through the TF2 match-making system. You never really get to know someone and sadly, the number hackers and trolls is worse than ever.

Miss you all,
Greetings fellow TF2 BOOM!ers!

Have you been missing the old days of hanging out, killing each other and trading on the BOOM! Minecraft server? Do you long for the days of jumping back on the a BOOM! Achievement Idle Server and and playing your old favorite map Achievement Idle AwesomeBox9? Well, I have some good news for you if you do?

One of our Admins, BOOM! Auth (AKA: Good Ol' Grandpa Sniper), has revived these two servers for our members to play on for a while. Below is the info to join them:

BOOM! Achievement Idle

BOOM! Trade/Minecraft

The Minecraft trade server has a slightly different map, but unless you explore the hidden lava area through a portal in your spawn area, you would never know it's different. Besides, who wants to hide and not kill your enemy!

So grab a friend and jump into one of these servers if you want to go back in time for a visit to our past.

BOOM! will be hosting some weekend and evening reunion parties in the servers in the near future so keep an eye out on your steam for the announcements.

Many thanks for Auth bringing the servers back up for us to play on!

Take care and Happy Sunday
Lt. Maverick
Word up BOOM! Simple!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy New Year brother!
General Discussions / Re: Long time No hear from
December 24, 2020, 11:37:55 PM
Hi Brother! Great to hear from you! Driving for Amazon must be absolutely crazy for you, not only because of Christmas, but because of this stupid pandemic as well!

It's hard to believe you daughter is starting college. My son aka: Wolfieâ„¢ or Keats) turned 18 in September as well. Junior college for him for now. He doesn't know what he wants to do yet but at least he's taking some classes.

I don't blame you for cancelling Facebook. I can hardly stand all the drama on there myself, but need to use it for some work-related crap so I still go on there when I need to. Far more rarely than I used to that for sure. When I retire, I may pull the pin and close my account, but people still find me through Facebook so I'll probably keep it and only check it when I get messages.

Just sold my house here in Santa Rosa, CA. and plan to move out of state. Probably headed to Montana. I've had it with this garbage dump, over-taxing, homeless central, over-inflated POS state, and after having 4 wildfires come through my area and devastate 1000s of homes in the past 3 years, I've finally had enough. Fire danger is so high here, they shut our utility power off multiple times each year to prevent the wind from blowing their poorly-maintained infrastructure down so it can start even more fires like  the downed powerlines have dozens of times already in the past 3 years.

Stay in touch and it was great hearing from you!!

Merry Christmas to and all who read this,
Hello Everyone,

I just dropped by the site to say hi and check in on everyone. I'm working a lot since I'm a public safety employee. It's crazy to see how quiet the streets are. Hardly any cars or people around here in Santa Rosa, CA where I live and work. I hope you're all hanging in there and you're being safe. I have quite of few sick friends from this virus. It's very real and very deadly. Keep your distance from people and keep your hands clean. You never know where or when you could get this stuff. The only safe place is your home.

If you feel like checking in, hit the reply button and say hello. I'd love to hear from you guys on how things are going.

Take care!
General Discussions / Re: Hello
December 22, 2019, 12:03:09 AM
Hi Killen!!!! yes, they were good times. I wish they never ended. Merry Christmas Brother!!!!

General Discussions / Re: Saying Hi!
December 12, 2018, 10:44:35 PM
What up Simple, my old friend! Happy Holiday and Merry Christmas brother!
Thanks for checking in!Mav
Hello Everyone,

The Scream Fortress X TF2 Halloween Update has been released! Use the below link for details of the update. Hope to see you guys online so we can play. Get in Discord and idle so we can play together.


Happy Halloween!
General Discussions / Happy Summer 2018!
June 02, 2018, 12:34:26 PM
Hello Everyone,

Just a quick hello to you all and a wish for a great summer to each and every one of you.

Get out and enjoy some fresh air, stay active and play a few games here and there. Lead a balanced life and make the best of it!

BOOM! will be hosting a few community nights this summer for people to come play some TF2. If anyone wants to help coordinate one or more of these nights, reply and let me know. We have a server box loaded with CSS and TF2 and we can make it happen. We can also go play on some pub servers together as well, all we need to do is coordinate it.

Stay Tuned,
Tribium!!! Still Upgrading to the latest stuff LOL!

I'm still running my EVGA Nvidia GeForce GTX 980 SC 4GB beast and there's nothing this think can't run smooth as glass. Blew  $569.00 on it via Amazon in September of 2015 and still lovin' it.

The GeForce 10 series cards will be obsolete before all the ones on backorder will be filled. Sorry man.. There is NO WAY I'm ever paying $800.00 for a video card, but I agree, that's the way things are going. RIDICULOUS!

Have a good weekend Bro,