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Guys! Great news! KEY PRICES DEFLATED!
Quote from: amura.cxg on December 29, 2014, 01:13:04 PM
So wait. Doesn't this constant increase in key price cause the real world value of ref to fall and also the real world value of items to fall? Keys have a set price which doesn't change (unless Valve changes it) so that becomes the base value of everything. So you take that value divide it by the ref cost of keys and you get the real world price of ref. So unless items cost more ref as the ref per keys increase your items get devalued over time.
The TF2 economy is effed.
UNLESS Valve responds to this issue and finds a solution to it. But chances in favor of this are <10%. It'd be a miracle if they did.
Keys are now 17 ref. RIP TF2
If Valve doesn't do anything about this, the TF2 economy will be ruined.
Hello. I have received a recent report stating that phishers are trying a new approach in hijacking accounts. The post reads:
According to a post from Steam (source here, your friend may send you a link that ends in a .png extension, supposedly tricking you into it being a harmless image. However, when you click on this link it will automatically download a .scr file. When you run or install this file, it will install malicious keyloggers and will hijack your account and send the link to your entire friends list to spread it even more.
Please alert your friends if they are not aware already.

Here's the original post, courtesy of ZerbaDerb:
Saw this posted to a group Im a member of, just passing the info along:
"Seen this one making a few rounds lately, infected a few high profile accounts.
How it works This is how it works. There's a link, that APPEARS to end in ".png", under the pretense of your friend sending you a screenshot. If you click this link, it will download a .scr file, which will hijack your steam account. Your steam account will start to send the same link to your friends.
What to do Don't click links ending "sshot721.png", or any link from "screen-lighting" website. This is the only website they are using at the moment, so it's the one you should definitely not click. They may start using other websites though, so be vigilant.
Turn on Download Notifications in Chrome. Chrome has a feature which will ask you if you want to download a file, before downloading it. By default, this is OFF. You can turn this feature on by going to "Settings", "Advanced Settings", and clicking the checkbox on "Ask where to save each file before downloading." This feature is enabled by default on Firefox.
Ask your friend if they sent that link In a lot of cases, the friends have managed to retain access to the account. Since it is automatic, ask your friend if they sent the link to you. If they say no, then you know they are infected. If they do not answer, presume the same."
Be safe, be wary, be smart. -End of Message-
I appriciate your time reading this.
He has learned the way of the phisher the painful way. My brother has already taken note of what you said. At least he still has LoL and WoT to occupy him.
Hey guys, my brother fell for one of the phishers. He has already contacted Steam Support to get his account back. He has also chatting with one of his friends on Skype for info on what Steam will have to do with his account. Any tips that my brother could use? Thanks.
I haven't gotten any friend requests or messages from these phishers. Looks like my account is healthy. If anyone figures out the IP of the phisher, look it up and report it to the police. Edit: figured out lovt (Troy Lov IRL) was a phishing victim. he has a Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram account in which seem to look like a normal account, except for his Facebook. Some text is Arabic, which seems somewhat suspicious.

You're welcome.

Edit: The difference between your and you're isn't that hard..