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Longtime BOOM! Member & Admin p00k4kk3 Died in 2018 "Camp" Fire

Started by Lt. Maverick, October 22, 2021, 10:49:20 AM

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Lt. Maverick

It was 3 years ago, but only recently did I learn that former BOOM! Minecraft Server Admin 36-year-old Andrew<a href=";area=summary;u=62"> p00k4kk3</a> Burt passed away back in 2018 during one of the most devastating wildfires in CA history known as the "Camp" Fire. The fire leveled the entire town of Paradise, CA near Chico and killed 86 people. It is believed p00k4kk3 tried to rescue his elderly stepfather during the fire but both were killed because they were unable to escape the flames that trapped them on the only road in and out of the area.

p00k4kk3 was a good Admin and was heavily involved in moderating the player behavior in our very popular Minecraft server. I'm deeply saddened to hear of his death and wanted you all to know.

From a KRCR News Report:

"An online remembrance of Andrew Burt reads he "spent his final moments trying to rescue his stepfather Ernest Foss Jr. from the oncoming flames of the Camp Fire before both succumbed. But his devotion to those he loved long preceded that final heroic act."

From a KTVU News Story

Rest in Peace p00k4kk3. Thank you for your service to BOOM! Gaming and for your selfless sacrifice to save others.

Mike Vail
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