Author Topic: BOOM! Gaming to Close All Game Servers on 12/3/17  (Read 652 times)

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Re: BOOM! Gaming to Close All Game Servers on 12/3/17
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Hey Rusty,

I just wanted to thank you for your kind words and for sharing your experiences with everyone. Your story is repeated over and over by many who played here over the years and those stories are why I kept things going for so long. I felt like what we did really made life good for a lot of people.

Happy New Year brother and stay in touch!
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Re: BOOM! Gaming to Close All Game Servers on 12/3/17
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oh hai long story short im still alive, still kicking. good for u mav. css days were the best gaming days in my gaming live. i've met a gf on our css server crackhouse. even tho i thought she was a guy for a solid few month's. jesus i hated her so much lol. that time was the Sh**. after orange box Sh** hit the fan as for me, but w/e u tried ur best and kept ur cool. i miss those days very much...

Re: BOOM! Gaming to Close All Game Servers on 12/3/17
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damn i may be late on this topic but its sad to see the servers I spent most of my time on in TF2 from way back when I was F2P clueless as ever to now where i am not good at the game but atleat I know what I am doing most of the time. The achivement idle servers is where i met 75% of the people on my friends list and where i learned to trade and got my premium. Then the trade server is where i got my first unusual wich sadly got scammed off me later but Sh** happens its where I made thousands of trades and had more time enjoying my self chatting to others trading to others and just plain fooling around it was so fun and its sad to see the first commuity server I played on go. but life is life