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BOOM! TF2 Achivement / Idle Server Mergers - Update Your Favorites!

Started by Lt. Maverick, July 24, 2017, 02:38:38 PM

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Lt. Maverick

Good Day Everyone,

We are in the process of merging our four TF2 Achievement / Idle servers. We have two servers running the map Achievement Idle Awesomebox 8 and two servers running Achievement Idle Awesomebox 9 (The version with surf ramps).The reason for this is to steer more players to the remaining servers and to make them easier to maintain, easier to administer and easier to maintain.

Effective today, we have effectively merged the servers running Achievement Idle Awesomebox 8 into the IP Address: It is now called "BOOM! Achievement / Idle #2"

We have also merged the servers running Achievement Idle Awesomebox 9 into the IP Address: and the server is now called "BOOM! Achievement / Idle #1"

Please update your favorites and use these IP addresses from now on for these servers. The other two servers have essentially been set to refer people to the new IPs and will be shut down on Friday 7/28/18.

On a side note, we are reviewing a new Awesomebox map to run.This map is better suited to prevent spawn-camping, which we know can drive some people crazy. Once our testing is done, we will release it to the community. We aren't sure if we will be replacing the Awesomebox 8 map or creating a new server and leaving the Awesomebox 8 map server alone. We'll keep you posted on this. We welcome your feedback here.

Take care,

Lt. Maverick - Owner
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