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YouTube video: Honda rolls over in front of my buddy driving.

Started by Simple, April 07, 2017, 06:21:05 PM

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I did not have to pay extra for just doing 1 tire. The tires are Michelin 285/35ZR20 (20" tires). They are Pilot Super Sport tires that have a heavy side wall that projects out from the rim to help protect the. If I did not hit the curb as hard as I did, the tire would have done it's job and I would have only had to replace the tire itself. Would have much rather of just replaced the tire then the rim also lol.

I kept the rim and will have them fix it. I am keeping it as a spare. I have already had them put on a off brand. But even that even cost $250. The fortunate thing is the car has a front camera system that lets you check how close your front bumper is to the curb. But backing it in is generally the safest way of being sure you don't mess anything up.

Do you have the Subaru WRX?  I am seeing more and more of them. They are a very cool car, and the horse power they get out of those things is amazing. Flipping 268hp on the standard ones and 305hp on the STI's and all of that out of a 4 cylinder engine is crazy.

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Gotcha! Well at the end of the day it is what it is. At least you're baby's fixed and ready for action.

Yup. In 2015 Subaru put a cvt in the WRX, which I hate but can understand why they did it. It opened this car up to a bunch of people that cannot drive stick or are simply not willing to deal with it.

I drive a 15 WRX. I love the damn thing, but unfortunately Subaru service has been the worst I've ever dealt with. Long story short, if you buy a Subaru its better to just do all the work yourself and/or find a reputable shop that specializes on Subarus.

Sometimes I regret not getting the STI, but I think it was the most responsible decision I could have made at the time. The FA20 has a good amount of potential to make power with some bolt ons and tune as well, but as they say you gotta pay to play. It's my daily and I dont really want to start worrying about reliability issues after adding a bunch of mods.

What I'll probably do is when I'm in my final year of payment, I'll start buying all the parts I need to go stage 2 and then spend a week/weekend installing all the parts and getting a pro-tune. Then that way if the thing starts breaking down I can pick up a cheap $150 lease to commute to work and focus on tracking the hell out of the subie.

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