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Help with TF2 Map Editing

Started by The_Rusty_Geek, January 16, 2016, 03:38:56 PM

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So i've seen alot of people complain about spawncamping, and I decided to do something about that. I have made the two team-spawn barriers solid, but still transparent, which should make the spawncamping stop. The only problem I have now is the compiling of the map. Hammer refuses to recognize custom textures (for some reason, the glass textures are seperate) and models. They point to the wrong path, and I am getting compile errors. On top of that, this map hasn't been optimized yet, and since my PC isn't powerful enough, It'll take 2-6 hours to compile, with the most of the time spent on precalculating shading. The custom textures/model fix is the most important, I can deal with the PC problem.

EDIT: the map is: awesomebox8

-BOOM! The_Rusty_Geek

Lt. Maverick

I know nothing about mapping, but my PC can do the compiling work. Just let me know what you need.

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