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Started by BOOM! Tribium, April 14, 2015, 08:35:47 AM

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Sorry boys, not yet ready to take the plunge and start a family. I'll include a picture at the bottom. So first off I'd like to share my experience as I think some people may take something positive from it.

I had been going back an fourth between 1 dealership for about 6 months and we simply could never agree to a number. This was a tiring and stressful process. There was even a point where I was pretty much fed up with the idea of buying a new car (and to be quite honest I want this thing to last me 7-10 years because I still am fed up), but I'm glad I found a way to make it less painful. The final straw with the dealership was when they told me that Costco and AAA pricing was NOT available for this vehicle. Now I'm perfectly fine with them beating around the bush about a lot of things but this one just tipped the scale. I was just so fed up with games that I wanted a straight forward answer as I was totally ready to buy. I'm glad we were able to once again not see eye to eye.

I went home and decided "Okay lets see what this Costco thing is all about". Dont get me wrong I love negotiating and I think I'm a very good negotiator, but unfortunately for this particular vehicle, it was such a niche market that it didn't matter if they sold it to me or not because some other kid would walk in right after and pay full msrp. What Costco has done and I believe have been doing for the past 10 some years, is they have pre-negotiated prices for their members. So you basically build the car of your dreams through their website, they email you contact information for your Costco dealer representative, you show up and they show you a list of prices for all the vehicles at the dealership. The prices are truly phenomenal, especially if your not very savvy at negotiating. Everything is no pressure as well. It's a totally different experience. Now, it's not rock bottom price, so if you for instance were looking at a civic or a camery (2 very economical vehicles that are in the majority of household driveways), and your confident in your negotiation skills, then you can very easily get a better price than Costco.

So overall I went through the whole process and it took in total just under 3 hours between 2 visits. 1st visit was to get the information about the car approx 35min. Then second was obviously the pick-up and paperwork. Now one dissapointment that I have is buying the Subaru gold warranty(extended warranty if you will) and the 3 year maintenance plan. I was dissapointed for 2 reasons. 1st is because I like working on my own cars as most of the stuff is trivial. 2nd is because I told myself over and over again that I would never buy an extended warranty.

These are the reasons why in the end I decided to buy the warranty. The 15k and 30k services on this car was going to be roughly $1300. The oil changes at every 3750 miles was going to be closer to $90 (has to run synthetic, and yes I know had I done it myself I could have done it for a fraction of that cost), so it was basically a pay now or pay later situation. Paying now obviously saves you some money. The second warranty(extended) covers the vehicle for 7 years 70k miles or 100k I forget, and covers a whole lot more than their standard 3 year 36k warranty does. The main reason I ultimately decided to get that is because this is a 1st generation model, which means I'm the beta tester. Everyone hopes that this car will last as long as the engineers say that it will, but no one will really know until after 5 years just before the new model is released. This is easily the most expensive toy I've ever bought and I will admit, I dont want it to break and be Sh** out of luck without a warranty.

Earlier I mentioned that I love working on my own cars. With this car having a huge reputation for being modded and abused on the road, Subaru is doing everything in their power to deny warranty claims due to modifications to the car or abuse to the engine(racing, tuning, etc). By having the warranty, it shows good faith in wanting to own the car for it's full lifetime, so any issues that should arise would be better welcomed by the dealership. They also told me that I am free to do the maintenance on it myself, but I MUST keep all records and be prepared to fight in case something does happen. Basically if you dont bring it in for services and something goes wrong they will point the finger and say "well clearly you didn't bring it in for x y z and thats why a b c failed - so sorry we cant honor the warranty". This is the unfortunate trend that I have noticed car manufactures are taking. Again, since this is a turbo car and I dont have any experience with these types of cars I said eff it, another $20 bucks a month over the course of 5 years to give me peace of mind.

So for the next 3 years 30k miles I dont pay a dime for services(oil changes @ $90 * 8 = $720, not including the $1400 for the 15k and 30k maintenance) , and the next 7 years should anything happen, it will be replaced with a 100 deductible. Oh and I also got GAP.

One last note, Subaru offered me these warranties and I denied them. It wasn't until I was with the finance person that he mentioned Costco has to give subaru a chance to sell their warranties before I again offered similar warranties through Costco and all claims are handled through Subaru not a 3rd party insurance company.

At the end of the day I cant be all that mad that I didn't stick to the plan. I had been planning this purchase for 6 years! and have fortunately reached a point in my life where I am able to splurge a little and comfortably make this purchase. I am very very blessed and thankful to everyone who has ever given me life, career, and financial advice because I otherwise would not have the knowledge necessary to get to where I am. This is primarily a gaming community but if anyone ever needs help with anything whether it be planning for college/university, car purchasing (although I've only purchased 2 new cars, but have done a ton of research) or anything else, don't hesitate to ask.

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congrats on the new whip bud - I heart them subies.

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