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Title: Private Backpack Enforcement Coming to BOOM! Servers
Post by: Lt. Maverick on June 24, 2015, 08:14:48 PM
Private Backpack Enforcement Coming to BOOM! Servers

Hello Everyone,

In our on-going efforts to fight scamming, cheating and trolling, we are taking another step to reduce this behavior that will take effect in the next 48 hours.

As you all know, BOOM! hosts over 25 TF2 servers, most of which encourage trading and social activity. In fact for some, this is their primary purpose.

We have had a long-standing rule on all our servers that private Steam profiles and/or backpacks are not allowed when playing on our servers. There are legitimate reasons for this rule, and in my opinion, there is simply no reason to have a private Steam profile / game backpack.Some will argue this but I don't want to hear the reasons. This is our rule and it always has been. The people who against this have given no legitimate reason for it and in most but not all, the players who argue this have something to hide or don't get the concept of gaming transparency that legitimize them as players. This causes traders and our staff serious concerns and since we are a trading community, this rule will not change. EVER.

I've been hosting game servers for over 10 years. In nearly every case of the 10000+ bans we've managed to achieve, the cheaters, trolls and scammers have had a private profile and/or private backpack.

To that end, we will be taking the enforcement of this rule to the next level and will begin blocking players from joining who have a private backpack on ALL of BOOM! servers. We expect this to further reduce the problems we are seeing from the handful of people we don't want in our servers anyway. We also expect there to be a small learning curve for a few good players who simply haven't made their backpacks public yet but will after this in order to continue playing on our servers.

We hope this brings smiles to the faces of our faithful players who enjoy our fun servers and hope to further enhance the fun trading experience for everyone.

Have an awesome day!
Lt. Maverick - Owner
Title: Re: Private Backpack Enforcement Coming to BOOM! Servers
Post by: Lt. Maverick on July 03, 2015, 10:34:04 PM

As previously announced, BOOM! has planned to no longer allow anyone with a Private backpack to join our servers and play. We've had a long-standing rule that Private backpacks aren't allowed, but we're taking it a step further EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY.

As of right now, if you have a Private backpack, you can no longer connect to our servers. To resolve this, you can make your backpack Public and then you will be allowed to join. If you join and check your backpack to Private again while on our servers, you will be permanently auto-banned with no appeal option.


* BOOM! has been a popular Trading community for quite sometime. Since the primary reason many our servers is to give players a place to trade their items, there is simply no reason to have a Private backpack when playing with us.

* 99% of the time, when a player has a Private backpack, they are a Scammer, troll or cheater. We expect this change to further reduce the number of these people from joining our servers and ruining the fun for our good players.

* We feel there is no good reason for a player to have a Private backpack. Traders love to show off their items, that's why they trade in the first place. If you trade and aren't willing to strut yoru stuff in Public, we feel you're probably not legit and you're on our servers for illegitimate reasons.

So there you have it.

We hope you welcome this change knowing our goal is to make our servers the best they can be for our players and to limit the trolling so many other places are experiencing. If you don't like this change, feel free to go elsewhere. That's the great thing about TF2. There are plenty of servers to play on. We feel ours are great, but there are others too, so enjoy the servers and enjoy the game. If you plan on trading however, you'll have a hard time finding servers that allow Private backpacks because of the same reasons we block them.

Take care and if you live in the USA, HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!

Lt. Maverick