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EclipseGSX vs Comcast Customer Support
« on: September 11, 2013, 09:10:19 PM »


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So... I just had a nice hour-long fiasco with Comcast... basically, they've been touting the fact that they I am IPv6 enabled to me for a while now... but I finally had to call them on their Sh** because well... I have to do some work for work while at home... aka work Homework... and to do that, I actually really need ipv6.

Here's basically what I put in on my post-online support interaction...

The online technician was extremely helpful and courteous and provided me with the information necessary to resolve my issue (my cable modem's firmware is incompatible with ipv6).

Unfortunately, this was the second time today that I had to engage customer support. Previously, I had contacted via phone, because I felt that would be easier to convey my issue (I am attempting to perform work for my employer -- Microsoft. My company's network requires IPv6 connectivity to be able to remote-in now, and I confirmed on my end that I did NOT have ipv6 while it was available in my area).

The first technician didn't quite understand immediately what I was getting at, but once I explained the entire situation a bit more verbosely, she was able to verify exactly what I had already verified -- that my modem did not have an ipv6 address, but it was available from my CMTS on your network's end. At this point she informed me that she had reached the limits of what her permissions in the system would allow and that she was going to transfer me effectively to the next tier of support. I even got their number: 877-443-3607 (please keep in mind, at this point, I had been on the phone now for 30 minutes).

Then, after 8 minutes of additional hold, the next technician picked up the line. I told her everything that myself and the previous technician had covered, and that the "long of the short" of it was that I needed an ipv6 address on my cable modem device in order to perform my job with my employer.

She then asked if I was connected via wired or wireless -- knowing, that this was not a necessary question, I humored her -- to which I replied that I had multiple computers, both wired and wireless in the mix, and that regardless of their connection, I still had no ipv6 connectivity anywhere in my house.

Next question was what operating system I was using -- knowing that this could potentially be a contributing factor, while ignoring my previously and aforementioned scenario entirely -- so I told her that my work laptop was using Windows 8 Enterprise edition, but that other machines in my house were either running Windows 8 Ultimate or Windows 7 Home Premium.

She then stated that she would have to establish a direct desktop session and that it would cost a nominal fee. At this point, I objected. 1) I cannot allow that on my work laptop due to corporate security measures. 2) I explained that this was not a computer issue, but rather a network device issue -- a network device that I was renting /from/ Comcast, and that, as such, I shouldn't have to a) "establish a remote support session" or b) be subject to a "nominal" charge.

Immediately, her tone changed and said "Let me transfer you to the Free support, thank you for calling Comcast, and have a nice day" -- and with that, the line clicked, and I found myself back in the main 1-800-COMCAST switchboard.

The fact that Paul with Online Support was able to assist me with providing me information in /under/ 10 minutes, and without needing to say that he had to establish a remote diagnostic session or charge me a 'nominal' fee speaks volumes as to the differences in the level of professionalism that Online support has versus Phone support.


Seriously guys, know your rights as a customer, and call companies out that do Sh** like this. Sure, it's stressful, but if you have to.. call them on their Sh**. Don't let them bully you around just because the CSR on the other end says "Well, blah-blah's our policy" -- you should say "Well, no. That's bullshit. This is why."

F*** Comcast... and F*** theoretical monopolies.

Re: EclipseGSX vs Comcast Customer Support
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That is close to my feeling about AT&T customer support. A while back I had a problem with my internet and went through 3 different customer support reps.... The third guy did what the other two couldn't do in a half hour (each) in less than 10 minutes. The other two kept saying it was an issue with my computer and stuff like that (so I lied and said that I recently got this computer and everything is running fine with no problems at all) and they still insisted that it was my computer. Boy does it get annoying dealing with people who don't know what the difference is between their left and right hands......

Re: EclipseGSX vs Comcast Customer Support
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From my experience, the retard on the phone is just a random nobody they hired who has no skill in the field other than reading what's on a screen in front of them.
While the online assistance actually tend to have experience in their field and seem to know what they're doing most of the time.

Re: EclipseGSX vs Comcast Customer Support
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I've lived these scenarios over and over again through-out the years and it is the main reason I never took my Computer sales / Repair business any further than I already have. Having run a Telecom Tech company with over 40 techs, I know first hand how difficult it is to get qualified people to work support. Here's the number one reason Tech support fails in this country.

Tech Support makes companies no money, in fact, it costs them significantly. To respond to this, they hire people who don't know Sh** or lie about their skills, then pay them Sh** wages and expect them to care what happens to the customers and ultimately to your company.

I'll sum it with this, "YOU PAY Sh**, YOU GET Sh**"; it's that simple. What companies need to realize but still don't is that if you pay people a decent wage and keep their training up, they will act like they have a vested interest in not only their success, but their company's success. Who do you think is gonna go out of their way to stay on top of their game and help customers so the company survives, a guy you pay $10.00 and hour that makes just a little more than he can make at McDonald's, or a guy you pay $25.00+ per hour and constantly train him so he cares if he loses his job or not? I think the answer is obvious.

Customers will stay with you if you have a good product and good support. Sadly, if your support is lacking but you're a giant with a otherwise good product, you'll survive like Comcast does. But if you're small and offer a mediocre product and shitty support, you won't be around long. Comcast won't fix their issues because they have too many customers that will never leave them and they're the best game in town for Internet service. They'll have turnover, but sooner or later everyone comes back for the service. So why should they invest anything in fixing it? Sad but true.

Sorry you're having issues. Boy have I been there.