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This was posted by Amura. My name is on it because of the problem we had on the site that caused all the posts to lose their owners. - Mav

From Amura:

So I wanted to know exactly howBitCoin worked and found this awesome article.

You need to understand what hashing is and what encryption is but that stuff is pretty basic. Once you know that stuff you'll be able to understand all of it :D
Pretty neato. We should use all our server power to mine BitCoins, each one is worth ~$700, haha

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Don't forget the part where, BitCoins have been out for a year ish. And has been hacked several times already. For Millions of $$$$.

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I'm pretty sure BitCoin has been up for something like 3 years.
Also the "hacks" that I found were just people getting their wallets hacked due to their own stupidity (no different than getting your bank account hacked) not a flaw with the system.
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