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Long time No hear from

Started by Gooru11, December 20, 2020, 06:28:39 AM

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Hey everyone how are you all doing good I hope even with everything going on. I understand what you mean by busy maverick...I am  a amazon driver, holy crap this month I was scheduled 50 hour weeks. Been keeping busy with life my daughter started college this year thats crazy. For those of you that could get ahold of me on facebook that is no longer the case. I have deleted my facebook dont like the way that stuff is going. Everyone stay safe and be cool to each other....our futures rely on the human race getting along and pulling together. The virus and everything else. I will check back every so often to read the replies.....if any.

Lt. Maverick

Hi Brother! Great to hear from you! Driving for Amazon must be absolutely crazy for you, not only because of Christmas, but because of this stupid pandemic as well!

It's hard to believe you daughter is starting college. My son aka: Wolfieâ„¢ or Keats) turned 18 in September as well. Junior college for him for now. He doesn't know what he wants to do yet but at least he's taking some classes.

I don't blame you for cancelling Facebook. I can hardly stand all the drama on there myself, but need to use it for some work-related crap so I still go on there when I need to. Far more rarely than I used to that for sure. When I retire, I may pull the pin and close my account, but people still find me through Facebook so I'll probably keep it and only check it when I get messages.

Just sold my house here in Santa Rosa, CA. and plan to move out of state. Probably headed to Montana. I've had it with this garbage dump, over-taxing, homeless central, over-inflated POS state, and after having 4 wildfires come through my area and devastate 1000s of homes in the past 3 years, I've finally had enough. Fire danger is so high here, they shut our utility power off multiple times each year to prevent the wind from blowing their poorly-maintained infrastructure down so it can start even more fires like  the downed powerlines have dozens of times already in the past 3 years.

Stay in touch and it was great hearing from you!!

Merry Christmas to and all who read this,
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Thats cool maverik its good you are leaving I was born in california but you could not pay me enough to live there...I am not going to be here for all that long either...I hope. It has been my desire to move to a small area but not too small and set up plant roots. Very ideal for me to that i am a stranger....kind of start fresh in a way no expectations no old history weighing me down. I hope you are ready for the cold because there is plenty of it there. I left Arizona for a few years too came back for my daughter it is hard being a long way away from them ones kids. If it is any consolation Mezula is pretty nice area not to big and not to small...I really hope you and your family have a good christmas...Merry xmas every one.


I am late as usual, but HI! Glad to see you online buddy!

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