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Major TF2 Update Coming Thursday - 7/2/15 IMPORTANT INFO!!!

Started by Lt. Maverick, July 02, 2015, 12:09:00 AM

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Lt. Maverick


This is the first of several announcements I'll be posting regarding a huge, I MEAN HUGE game-changing update coming to TF2 sometime Thursday.

THIS IS ANNOUNCEMENT #1 of several to come starting tonight and continuing through-out the day tomorrow. Please take the time to read what ALL THE ANNOUNCEMENTS  say or you'll be missing VERY IMPORTANT INFO!

*** This TF2 update will result in some downtime for our TF2 servers and will almost surely break at least some if not all of the plugins we use on them. The developers are working hard right now to limit the impacts of the update but as with all big TF2 updates, things will definitely break.

I've started a Discussion about this update here for us to share info on the update. Please post your comments and info there to help each other navigate though the update maze:

I will keep everyone posted as the upgrade progresses, but you all need to do your part too. Please stay tuned to our Steam Group and the BOOM! Website for updates and server status information. If you have questions, post them on our website so we can answer them. I have several Admins assisting me and we will be monitoring things closely so we can respond to things as quickly as we can.

We have over 25 TF2 servers to work on with this update and it is likely they will be taken offline several times before all the bugs get worked out by Valve and the plugin systems. So be patient, this stuff can be very complicated.

Please encourage all your friends to join our Steam Group and visit our website to keep updated. And encourage them to share on their experiences on our website so we all stay up to date and help each other.

Thursday is gonna be a very busy and exciting day for TF2, but we're really excited for what it will bring when everything settles down.

Stay tuned,
BOOM! Lt. Maverick
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