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How to Record a Demo in Valve Games

Started by ♌♑♫AriaSymphony♫♑♌, August 06, 2013, 05:06:01 PM

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In order to ban players for cheats, we request submitters record and attach demos of the player showing them cheating. If you would like to record your CS: Source, TF2 or other Valve game, or play someone else's recordings, follow the below instructions:


1. Open the Developer Console (aka: Console - use the ~ key if enabled)

2. Type "record filename" (filename is the name you want to call the demo file, we recommend naming it after the payer you are recording)

3. With the console still open and the recording now enabled, type "status". This will list all the Steam IDs of the players in the game, including a cheater's, in cases where the demo is being made for a ban submission to our Admin Staff. This is an absolute must to make sure we capture the cheaters STEAMID correctly for the ban.

3. Close console and play the game while spectating from the cheater's first person view so we can see what he's doing.

4. When finished recording, open console again and type "stop".

5. The file will be saved to your c:\program files\steam\steamapps\common\gamename\ as a .dem file (gamename is whatever your game is that you are recording in).

NOTE ABOUT RECORDING DEMOS: Demo files can be very large if allowed to run a long time. If you intend to upload your demo, keep the time to an absolute minimum so you it won't take forever to upload. If you intend to upload, I recommend no more than 30-seconds of recording time.

WHEN RECORDING CHEATERS: Again, make sure you type "status" in console at the beginning of the demo while it's recording. This will show the STEAM IDs of all players so we know the STEAM ID of the cheater for a future ban. Unless otherwise necessary, a 30-second cheater recording should be plenty of time to see if they're cheating.

*** TO PLAY A SOURCE DEMO FILE *** (.dem files in your game folder)

1. Make sure your file is located in your c:\program files\steam\steamapps\common\gamename folder (where gamename is tf2, cstrike, etc). If you download someone else's Source demo, this is where you'd put the file so you can watch in the game. You don't need to enter a server to watch a recorded demo, just start the game on your PC and execute the commands from the game's client console.

2. Open the game's console (use the ~ tilde key) and type playdemo "filename.dem" (filename is the name of the .dem file you want to watch)

3 Close console and watch the demo. To stop it before it ends, type "stop" in console, or just let it play to the end.

A NOTE ABOUT PLAYING DEMOS: When demos are playing, you can navigate around just like you're in Spectator Mode as if you are actually in a server playing a live game. You can also change player views as well using your spectator controls.

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