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Game Server Rules - General Guidelines

Started by BOOM! Lt. Maverick, August 04, 2013, 10:17:38 AM

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BOOM! Lt. Maverick

People are banned from our servers for one reason.... they violated our rules.

BOOM! was created to be a fun place for people to come play their favorite games with other cool people. We are proud to have some of the best Admins in all of gaming and they never abuse anyone or act like they're gods. They are there to protect the good players from the dicks, nothing more, nothing less.  In order to be a dick, you must violate one of the below rules.

The basic rules for all our servers are listed below. Additional server-specific rules are posted on the MOTD of each server. We do not bend these rules for anyone. If you violate them, even if you're an Admin, you can expect there will be consequences. If you are banned, it means you were likely cheating or being a jerk and you deserved the ban.


1. You NEVER cheat! Cheater's will be banned forever & reported to Valve for a VAC Ban. If you're VAC banned, kiss your account and all its items goodbye forever.
2. You NEVER attempt to execute CVAR exploits on our servers
3. Spawn-camping is annoying as Hell. Prolonged spawn-camping is not allowed so if you do it, prepare to be kicked.
4. You DO NOT exploit map or game glitches. Example #1:  Camping inside the Hills of Mario Kart.  Some people actually think it's ok to camp somewhere that no-one can kill you. Ummmm NO!  Example #2: High-fiveing into the opposing team's spawn area on Minecraft. Example #3: Placing teleporter exits in the lava or inside the opposing team's spawn to allow spies on the Minecraft Trade server.  Example #4: Throwing or shooting weapons through glass walls into the opposing teams spawn to kill opposing players. These are only a few things but basically, using any known fault in the game to give you an advantage over other players is against our fair-play rules. There will be consequences if you use them as we consider it cheating.
5. You NEVER use remarks that are inappropriate about someone's race, sex or ethnicity. This includes the "N" word in any form, including in your name!
6. You DO NOT accuse people of hacking. In the rare cases where real cheaters are missed by our anti-cheat system, they should be reported to us to deal with.
7. You NEVER brag about drug use while playing in our servers. Druggies are losers. Clean up your act for your own good. We don't want you here polluting our servers.
8. You don't use foul language. Slips happen, but control your tongue. Bypassing or excessive "Beeps" of the swear filter are not allowed, nor excessive WTF, or OMFG type chat. Kids play here!
9. You NEVER voice or chat spam. This includes playing music over your mic, never shutting up or constantly typing crap into chat. Kids under 10 should be completely quiet!
10. Absolutely NO Porn, nude or disgusting sprays are allowed! Kids play here, if you wouldn't show it to your mother or your priest, then don't show us either!
11. DO NOT act like an idiot or jerk in general.  This is a catch-all and is handled at the discretion of our Admins.
12. NO ONE is allowed to post links web links of any kind in chat. The purpose for this is to avoid scams. If you want to link someone, add them as a friend.
13. NO excessive use the the Frying Pan or the Sandman Bat (aka: "Panning" or "Batting"). These sounds are annoying as Hell!
14. NO Spamming annoying taunts like the Third Degree Axe. Again, annoying as Hell!
15. You are welcome to wear our "BOOM!" tag in your name, but if we learn you were being a dick while wearing it, regardless of whose servers you were in, you can expect to be banned here forever. We are proud of our name and what it represents, so please do the right thing while wearing it in-game.
16. You respect ALL players at ALL times. If someone's being a dick, mute or ignore them. You can report them to us via the reporting system and we'll deal with them.
17. Finally, if an Admin tells you to stop doing something, then just stop doing it. This isn't rocket science. The Admins are in charge and they enforce the rules. If you're doing something annoying that others are getting frustrated with and you don't listen when they tell you stop, then the Admin calls the shots. Our Admins are reasonable people so do what you're told so the game is fun for everyone. Don't argue with Admins, you will always lose. We pay for and maintain our servers, so we get to make our rules.  If you want to make up your own rules, feel free to start and pay for your own server.


In ADDITION to the above standard rules, the following rules apply in our trade servers:

1. NO excessive trade spamming for weapons via text chat or mic. Limit your messages to one per minute or more.
3. NO "Medic Taunting" in any water areas. The noise it makes is annoying as Hell and pisses everyone off.
4. NO Private backpacks. No one trusts a player who won't show his stuff to other players.
5. English is the only language allowed in our servers when trading.
6. NO Selling and / or trading Steam Accounts. This is a violation of Valve's TOS and we won't be part of it.
7. NO Misrepresenting your trades (eg: My item is 1 of 1 when in fact there are 21 others).
8. NO Price-checking of Unusual hats that are on the server. Get the owner's permission privately first.
9. If voice chat is enabled, BE respectful to others using voice chat in a server. Don't hog the mic and don't talk over others.  *Only one person should be on the mic at a time.
10. Don't exploit map glitches (eg: throwing things through the glass, building teleporter exits to your own spawn, teleport trapping, other things the maps shouldn't allow but do)
11. Some areas on the trade maps are "Restricted" kill zones. For example the boxing ring area is for boxing and using melee weapons. Players are not allowed to kill others in the spectator area while they are watching other people battle in the boxing ring. ONLY the use of Melee weapons is allowed in the boxing room. DO NOT interfere with boxing matches or Spycrabs & Dodgeball games in the tennis court. Violating any of this is incredible irritating to other players, is considered trolling and is a banable offense.


The following MANDATORY rules are in place for spy-crab matches. They are for your protection. Be careful when choosing a middleman. Do your homework and make sure they have strong REP and are legit. No one less that Steam Level 10 can be a middleman on our servers. If you wish to use a third-party middleman who is not an Admin on our server, you can look HERE to find one. Use middlemen at your own risk. We do not know all of them personally. Always make sure you are trading to the actual Middleman and not some impostor / scammer.

1. ALL spycrabs over 5 keys require a Admin Middleman (MM). Anything else and you do so at your own risk!
2. The LOSER of a spycrab is the first one to crab 3 times - NO EXCEPTIONS!
3. If someone runs from a spycrab and you want us to take punitive action on them, you MUST have screenshot proof of the wagers and all chat between the crabbers must be done in the main public chat window of the server, not in private or trade chats. We log all chat, so this is for your protection. Demos are also strongly advised. They make excellent proof. Our site has instuctions on how to make demos. Just search for "Record a Demo" in the search bar on the home page.
4. Victim's of scammers and spycrab runners are highly encouraged to report the offenders to an Admin or post the info on our bans website for us to follow-up on.

*** ALL SCAMMERS SHOULD BE REPORTED TO STEAMREP BY THE VICTIM! If you scam someone on one of our servers, your Trading days are over not only on our servers, but on all servers if a STEAMRep report is filed against you!

It's truly sad that we have to post the above rules considering all of them are about just doing the right thing toward fellow humans, but there are some real assholes in the world that enjoy screwing people over, so these are for those people to show their actions won't be tolerated here. To everyone else, we appreciate your cooperation and enjoy the servers. That's why we're all here right!!!

Lt. Maverick - Owner / Founder
BOOM! Gaming Community (Founded 2005)

Last Revised: 3/2/16

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